venerdì 11 giugno 2010

Post-doctoral fellowship in Theoretical Physical Chemistry

A 1+1 years post-doctoral fellowship is available in the CNRS Laboratory of Analysis and Modeling for Biology and Environment (Laboratoire Analyse et Modélisation pour la Biologie et l’Environnement, LAMBE UMR 8587) at University of Evry (France) as part of the ANR project Actinoids and Lanthanoids Solvation. Actinoids and lanthanoids are cations of interest since they are involved in different processes of nuclear waste treatment, like stocking and recycling. Theoretical models are expected to give insights useful for those applications. The successful candidate will contribute to different aspects of the project, including :

* developing polarizable interaction potentials for actinoids and lanthanoids with water, carbonates, silicates and organic solvents ;
* studying, by means of molecular dynamics simulations, structural and dynamical properties of actinoids and lanthanoids in solution ;
* coupling between molecular dynamics and experimental data (EXAFS, TRLFS, XANES, ESI-MS)

The project will be done in the LAMBE, University of Evry (40 minutes from Paris center) in collaboration with ENS-Paris and CEA centers of Saclay (Ile-de-France) and Marcoule (near Avignon).

Candidates should have a PhD in Theoretical Physical Chemistry (or equivalent), preferably not more than three years old. Experiences in molecular dynamics, force field development and scientific programming are welcome.

The application should include cover letter, full CV, a statement of previous research achievements and teaching merits, research interests, a list of publications, as well as information for references. Copies of degree certificates can be asked.

Please contact Riccardo Spezia, PhD, project coordinator :

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